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Certified Propane Specialists 

When it comes to meeting your needs for safe, reliable propane, no one is more qualified than the Propane Specialists from FS. From today’s efficient home appliances to large-scale grain and livestock operations, our professionals have the expertise needed to design and set up the right propane system. Combine that with exceptional ongoing service and convenient payment options, and you have a propane supplier you can trust to supply all your propane needs. 

FS Propane Specialists are professionally trained and certified through the National Certified Employees Training Program (CETP). CETP training teaches our people how to install safe propane systems in compliance with all state and federal codes. After propane systems are installed, our propane specialists regularly monitor the systems they serve, checking the system's performance and making any necessary adjustments to ensure its safe and efficient operation.​ Whether you are looking for propane to keep your home cozy and comfortable or your business safe and efficient, contact your local FS Propane Specialist today. ​​​​​