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​​Maximize Your Grain-Drying Efficiency with Propane


Grain drying ensures that grain is safe for storage, which makes it an essential step in the harvesting process. There are a couple of fuel sources that are used to power grain dryers, but propane is the most common, with 80% of farmers who dry grain using propane as their fuel. Are you part of that 80%?

Why use propane for grain drying?

  • Convenient: Portable, easy to store, and accessible where natural gas is not.
  • Safe: Will not leak and contaminate grain.
  • Versatile: Propane-fueled dryers can dry virtually any type of grain and are available in batch and continuous flow models.
  • Efficient: 90% of all propane drawn from tanks is converted to energy.

FS Propane: Proudly serving your grain-drying needs

FS is your local propane choice for grain drying. Our propane specialists offer flexible payment plans, leak and safety checks, and 24/7 emergency service. If you are looking to improve the efficiency and safety of your equipment, we encourage you to conduct annual maintenance checks of your grain-drying systems before operation and throughout the drying season. At FS, we understand that your time is valuable. We offer services to help keep your mind on your business while we manage your propane tank and supply. It is important to talk to your local FS Propane Specialist to make sure the fuel you need for grain drying is contracted, ensuring that the supply is available when needed and that you receive the best possible price for the fuel. 

Time for an upgrade?

In the quest for even greater efficiency, you may want to consider upgrading to new large-volume dryers that are more energy efficient and cost effective. The latest generation of propane-fueled grain dryers offer many features and benefits, including:

  • 30% to 50% improved efficiency compared to those produced 20 to 30 years ago
  • Reduction of overdrying and production of more evenly dried, higher-quality grain
  • Ability to reclaim heated air, lowering fuel consumption and increasing efficiency
  • Full range of temperature settings for different grain types
  • Fully automated filling, unloading, and shut-off capabilities
  • Quick and easy full-length clean-out doors to facilitate grain changing without contamination
  • Control panel to indicate operating status of equipment as well as sources of problems in event of shut-down
  • Long life and very low maintenance

Offset your costs with the Propane Farm Incentive Program

If you choose to invest in new equipment, you may want to look into the Propane Education & Research Council Propane Farm Incentive Program, which offers a limited number of producers a financial incentive for recording and providing performance data from new propane-fueled agriculture equipment, such as grain dryers and irrigation engines. For more information on this program, visit: FS works with several growers in the Midwest that are utilizing this program. ​​​