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You Always Have Options with FS Propane

FS offers a range of flexible payment and pricing programs to meet your needs. All of our programs ensure your home is energy-ready inside and out, with competitive pricing plans to fit your lifestyle. Let our propane professionals help you choose the payment plan that’s right for you.

Full prepayment option

This option allows you to pay for all of your estimated propane usage for the year up front at the best price. As the tank is filled, each load is billed against the prepayment credit. Any gallons used over the original contracted amount during the contract period are priced at the current rate.

Per-gallon deposit option

This alternative allows you to lock in a low price for the entire heating season on the gallons you contract without paying for the total cost up front. It requires a small per-gallon deposit, which is applied to each gallon delivered until the contract has been fulfilled.

Budget payment program

This program reduces seasonal surprises by spreading annual propane expenses throughout the year. Your FS Propane Specialist estimates your annual propane usage by factoring in size and energy efficiency of the home, number and type of appliances that use propane, and previous years’ usage and then divides it into equal payments. If usage is different than expected, the balance is billed, credited toward the next year, or refunded as appropriate.

This convenient program offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what your heating bill will be each month.

Summer fill program

This popular program can be combined with any of the above payment programs to take advantage of typically low summer propane prices. Through one of the prepayment options or your budget payment program, prices can be set for the year, and you’ll be prepared for the winter months with a full tank of propane.

Call us today and let us help make your house feel like home.​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​