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Heat up Your Home Sales with FS Propane

Already in use in more than 48 million U.S. households, propane shares the same characteristics and advantages as natural gas. So, if you are a builder or contractor and natural gas is unavailable for your project, or the cost of bringing natural gas to each home site exceeds your project budget, you can still provide clients the efficiency, comfort, and high performance of gas in their new or remodeled home by offering propane as the best gas energy choice. Likewise, realtors can use the sustainable, cost-effective, and versatile characteristics of propane as selling points for a home with existing or potential propane usage.

Build business with the Propane Energy Pod

  • The Propane Energy Pod (PEP) is a research-based model for new-home construction that merges five propane applications—space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying—into an integrated, whole-home energy package. Building professionals are successfully applying this five-in-one energy solution to maximize efficiency, performance, comfort, and environmental sustainability.
  • The PEP can help you deliver homes that outperform both new construction and existing housing in energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions, which means it can help homes qualify for above-code green building programs and federal, state, or local incentives for energy improvements made to the home.
  • To demonstrate the value of the (PEP) to clients, consider applying the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) to your projects. The HERS Index compares a (PEP) home with a built-to-code reference home. The HERS measure works across various climate zones and is used by builders to differentiate their high-performance homes from standard new and existing homes. Click here to access an interactive tool that provides comparative HERS values for PEP versus standard homes based on square footage and regional location.
  • In addition to the five main applications, propane-fueled outdoor living features such as generators, grills and outdoor kitchens, outdoor lighting and fireplaces, and pool and spa heaters can add to a home’s overall comfort and value.

The versatility and affordability of propane make it a hot marketing tool

  • Propane is one of the most versatile space heating fuels on the market because it can be configured as central or zone, forced air or radiant. Plus, propane zone heaters, fireplaces, and hearth stoves provide your clients with plenty of choices for their supplemental space heating needs. See our Home Heat page for further information.
  • Water heating accounts for 15% to 25% of home energy bills, which means a high-efficiency propane hot water heater can go a long way in helping your clients combat rising home energy costs. More than 400 models of propane water heaters qualify for the federal Energy Star program, while most electric models do not qualify, and propane water heaters cost up to 50% less to operate. In addition, most models of high-efficiency propane water heaters now incorporate direct-vent or power-vent designs, which allow through-the-sidewall venting options, eliminating the need for a vertical flue chase. See our Home Appliances page for additional details.
  • Research has shown that chefs and home cooks alike prefer cooking with gas rather than electric heat. Propane cooktop burners allow for greater heat control and instant flame turnoff capabilities, while propane ovens help retain more moisture in food than electric units. Adding further appeal, propane cooktops, ranges, and ovens are available in sophisticated styles, allowing them to be integrated into upgraded kitchen designs. See our Home Appliances page for more information.
  • Propane clothes dryers dry clothes faster and more efficiently than electric dryers and offer the latest innovations in laundry convenience, all while saving more than 20% in energy costs over electric models. In new construction, choosing propane means avoiding the cost of installing a 220V circuit for an electric dryer, and the lower-cost 110V circuit can also supply the clothes washer with power. In a replacement or upgrade situation, propane clothes dryers can easily replace electric dryers since both use a single vent for outdoor exhaust. Even if the initial customer chooses electric products, builders and remodelers should consider piping both the kitchen and laundry areas to accommodate gas appliances because the future option of gas cooking and clothes drying appliances may raise the property’s value. See our Home Appliances page for further details.
  • Propane standby generators are ideal for customers who live in storm-prone areas or for those who just want the reassurance of dependable backup power. And, for customers who desire an off-the-grid lifestyle without sacrificing modern conveniences, propane generators are the perfect solution. Other options for energy- and environmentally conscious clients are propane-fueled combined heat and power systems as well as propane generators that integrate with a renewable energy system. For more information see our Generators page.
  • Whether you’re an architect, a builder, or a remodeler, propane can fuel a wide range of outdoor living amenities to meet the needs of your most discerning customers. See our Outdoor Living page for more details.

Clean and green, propane saves in many different ways

  • Qualifying for above-code green building standards is an excellent way for builders to set themselves apart in today’s housing marketplace, and propane can help earn significant points toward that goal. It’s also a smart choice for remodelers who are positioning themselves to help customers maximize efficiency upgrades or environmental retrofit projects.
  • Energy rebates are one of the most compelling sales pitches to prospective customers, and propane appliances qualify for a number of federal, state, local, and cooperative incentives. In some cases, both you and the homeowner can qualify for multiple rebates on a single project. Talk to your local FS Propane Specialist today about tax credits, rebates, and other incentives that are available to you.


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