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Propane Generators: Standby Power to Protect the Comforts of Your Home 

At FS, we believe that no matter what is going on outside, you should always enjoy warmth and convenience inside your home. With a propane generator connected to your home’s power supply, you can rest easy knowing that emergency power can be available almost instantly following an outage. Or perhaps you would prefer a smaller unit to power only your most essential appliances. Either way, you can be assured that basic lifestyle needs—such as heating, cooling, cooking, food storage, and hot and cold water supply—will continue under virtually any circumstances. In addition, if you are pursuing an off-the-grid lifestyle, propane generators are available to provide reliable backup power to renewable energy systems such as solar panels or wind generators. Whatever your situation, your local FS Propane Specialist will work with you to select and set up a propane generator system that will fit your specific needs.  

Propane standby generators: Whole-house power at the ready

  • When coupled with an automatic transfer switch, these can deliver up to 150 kilowatts of power within seconds of an outage.
  • They usually are placed outside near a garage, carport, or storage building and can be fueled by your home’s main propane tank.
  • Many provide remote monitoring systems that will alert you to any operating problems.
  • Standby generator units are quiet, often producing less than 60 decibels of noise—the same as a normal conversation.

Portable propane generators: Power where you need it most

  • Some models offer 10,000 or more watts of dependable power, which is enough to run several home systems at once, such as kitchen appliances, air conditioners, computers, and TVs.
  • Smaller units are also available, some of which are even portable and have an integrated propane tank for improved mobility and easy refueling.

Propane generators for off-the-grid living

  • You don’t have to sacrifice modern conveniences to achieve an off-the-grid lifestyle with the backup power of a propane generator. An increasing number of manufacturers build propane generators to be used as part of a renewable energy system.
  • Like the whole-house standby generators, these are usually housed outside near a non-living space and draw propane from the main storage tank.

Combined heat and power generators for advanced efficiency

  • Also known as micro-CHP, this cogeneration technology circulates heat produced by a liquid-cooled engine through an exchanger to be used for supplemental home heating. At the same time, the engine drives a standby generator, which delivers on-demand electrical power.
  • These innovative propane-fueled generators boast efficiency ratings of better than 90%.


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