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FS Propane: Providing All the Conveniences of Home

At FS, we know that comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of a happy home, and propane delivers these amenities with reliability, efficiency and less impact on your pocketbook. Propane can be used to power a variety of home appliances no matter where you live and offers numerous advantages over electricity.  

Propane cooktops and ovens: The preferred culinary heat source

  • Propane burners provide instant heat that can be precisely controlled and distributed. In fact, 96 out of 100 chefs surveyed said they prefer cooking with gas rather than electric heat.
  • Propane ovens, cooktops, and ranges are available in many sophisticated styles, including stainless steel, that will enhance and integrate with the beauty of your home.
  • There are a variety of propane-fueled cooking appliances available, such as convection ovens, deep fryers, indoor griddles, and grill tops with sealed burners for ease of cleaning.

Propane clothes dryers: Getting laundry done faster and better

  • Propane dryers dry clothes faster than an electric dryer can, and their moist heat is gentler on fabrics, relaxing wrinkles and reducing static cling.
  • Drying clothes with propane heat is more efficient than with electric heat, with some models saving owners up to 65%.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice innovation for off-the-grid convenience: propane dryers offer all the latest advancements, such as steam cycles, drum lights, and LCD control screens.

Propane water heaters: Keeping families and the environment clean and safe

  • According to the U.S. Energy Department, heating water can account for 15% to 25% of a household’s energy bill. This is significant when you consider that standard propane water heaters typically can be operated for half the cost of an electric water heater—and the savings go up to 60% with an energy-efficient tankless propane water heater.
  • Propane water heaters can provide the safe, reliable, and sufficient supply of hot water you need in your home with significantly reduced energy usage and environmental impact compared with electric systems.
  • Tankless (“on-demand”) propane water heaters eliminate the energy waste associated with heating a stored water supply while providing a longer-lasting stream of water. These systems also take up less space and can last more than twice as long as tank systems, and they are an increasingly affordable option.
  • Propane heats water nearly 40% faster than electricity, which means not only less energy usage but also a faster recovery time when a large volume of hot water is being used. That means a more reliable hot water supply for you and your family.

Propane fireplaces: More warmth, less hassle

  • Propane direct-vent fireplaces can fit safely in any room of the house because they don’t require a chimney and have low clearance requirements.
  • While traditional open wood-burning fireplaces are only about 15% efficient, vented propane fireplaces offer more than 90% efficiency and are an effective complement to home heating.
  • A propane fireplace allows you to enjoy the warmth and ambience of a fireplace without the ash, soot, and smoke produced by their wood-burning counterparts, and you can enjoy a crackling fire within seconds of turning the fireplace on—no more waiting and working to start and maintain your fire.


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