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From the Grill to the Pool and Beyond, Propane Brings the Warmth and Comfort of Home to Your Outdoor Living Spaces

At FS, we know your home doesn’t end at the walls of your house. Some of the best times are had in outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, and pools—and propane is your best choice for powering them all. From grills and outdoor kitchens to fireplaces and pools, propane meets your full range of needs. And, since minimal or no connections to electricity are required, propane systems are easy and cost effective to set up, with new plug-in gas outlets making connecting propane appliances as safe and easy as plugging in an electrical appliance. In addition, as you relax outdoors, you can take comfort in knowing that with propane as your fuel, you are using one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly forms of energy available. Talk to your local FS Propane Specialist today about how you can upgrade your outdoor spaces using the power of propane.


Pool and spa heaters: Enjoy a warm dip, regardless of the weather

  • Modern propane water heaters can be used to warm above- and in-ground pools and spas and, with heat output of up to 400,000 BTU, can quickly bring even large pools to a comfortable temperature.
  • High-efficiency propane pool heaters can reduce energy bills, since they warm pools faster than electric units while better maintaining heat in cold conditions.
  • The initial cost of electric heat pumps is higher than that of propane pool heaters, and electric pumps lose efficiency once ambient temperatures fall below 50°F. Solar heaters, another option for pool and spa heating, only work when there is a steady supply of sunny days, making propane the most reliable fuel source for heating pools and spas.

Grills and outdoor kitchens: Make great-tasting food in the great outdoors

  • About 60% of home grillers prefer propane for outdoor cooking, mainly because it provides instant heat and precise temperature control. And, propane grills release far less carbon monoxide, particulates, and soot than charcoal grills.
  • Looking to upgrade your grill? Many higher-end portable propane grills now come equipped with extra features, such as enclosed grilling drawers and stainless steel burners for preparing side dishes. In addition, surface lighting and LED temperature displays are now available on many grills, ensuring safe cooking long after the sun goes down.
  • And, if you’re ready to take your outdoor cooking to a whole new level, a premium built-in cooking area—complete with a large grilling surface, cooktop, oven, and rotisserie—can easily be set up to operate on a propane cylinder or on a home’s main supply tank.

Heating things up: Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and heaters

  • Chilly weather is no match for a portable propane patio heater or outdoor fireplace or fire pit. From small tabletop heaters that can help warm up an intimate outdoor dinner to floor-standing fireplaces that can deliver a circle of radiant heat up to 20 feet in diameter, propane’s energy can raise the outdoor air temperature by between 10°F and 30°F.
  • Propane outdoor fireplaces are clean, producing no smoke, soot, or ashes, and are 85% efficient, compared with the 15% efficiency of wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Most propane heaters and fireplaces feature automatic igniters for quick startup. Portable units also typically offer many safety features, including an automatic shutoff if the heater is knocked over.
  • For the ultimate in outdoor comfort, consider in-floor heating, a perfect alternative for those who don’t want a fireplace but wish to enjoy a more usable patio space during the colder months.

Illuminate the night with propane-fueled outdoor lighting

  • Propane is a reliable and clean energy source for lighting exterior entryways, walks, driveways, landscaping, and outdoor entertainment spaces. With a variety of styles and both wall-mounted and post-mounted options, propane lighting is an innovative way to complement the design of any home.
  • Unlike electric bulbs, which can burn out or go dark during power outages, propane lights are a steady, reliable way to welcome guests, accent landscaping, and maintain home security. Just as important, today’s light fixtures offer convenience and safety features, such as on-off switches with automatic ignition.
  • On decks and patios, propane lighting really shines. There is a broad selection of tabletop lamps available, many of which can operate on a standard camp-style propane cylinder. Tiki and pedestal propane lamps can create a great visual statement in your outdoor entertaining spaces. These yard lamps eliminate the smell and residue that oil-burning torches can create, and many can burn for 10 hours or more on a portable propane cylinder.

Mosquito control: Don’t let uninvited guests ruin your party

  • With a radius of up to one acre, propane-fueled mosquito traps use flameless technology to attract pesky mosquitoes away from your patio, deck, or pool.


Call us today and let us help make your outdoor living spaces feel like home. ​​​​​​